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My Philosophy

What you care about matters

To me nature is the starting and end point of all healing.

My approach to healing and maintaining good health is based on the understanding that you matter, that you are unique and that you have an inherent ability to heal. I believe this healing ability is best supported through the use of natural remedies and therapies selected to honour your individuality and guided by the holistic principles of naturopathy in order that healing is effective and lasting. 


Our beautiful planet provides us with a rich diversity of natural resources that nourish and support us in both sickness and in health. We have evolved alongside plants and the natural world so it follows that our bodies are expert at recognizing and utilizing natural substances for good health. Plants therefore are central to my healing practice whether it be in the form of nourishing foods, herbal tinctures and teas, or flower essences.


A holistic practice would not be complete without considering your needs as a whole person. Whilst ensuring you are adequately nourished with foods and given herbal and nutritional support where necessary, it is important to consider other aspects, which may include your physical, mental and emotional and even spiritual health. To this end I offer reflexology, aromatherapy massage, Reiki and self-help techniques.


Being diagnosed with a disease or condition is useful but it can also be limiting when it comes to healing. I focus on you as a whole person and how you interact with your environment whilst recognizing that your symptoms also need to be addressed. My aim is to nourish, rebalance and help you regain and maintain the health and vitality you deserve.


As I noted earlier, you matter and so where you choose to focus your healing matters. We will work on a treatment plan together that can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. Ultimately the choice is yours. I am here to facilitate and support you through your personal healing journey.

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