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Bach Flower Remedies

Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed and somehow off balance?  Or perhaps you find yourself at a crossroads, confused and no longer knowing exactly what you want or how to get to where you want to be?

Using Bach Flower Remedies at times like these can help make  the adjustments necessary to reestablish our balance. 

A Bach Flower Consultation with me will allow us to explore in depth how you feel and consider various options for support. It will include a Bach Flower Remedy specially selected to suit your needs.

Length of Consultation: 80 minutes

For more information on Bach Flower Remedies see below:

Bach Flower Remedies explained

Flower essences are subtle remedies that influence the human energy system rather than act directly on the physical body. In the 1920’s and 1930’s Dr Edward Bach, who was a bacteriologist, physician and pathologist discovered the healing powers of 38 different flowers. These are called the Bach Flower remedies.


Each of his remedies correspond to a specific human emotion and can therefore help us to heal at an emotional level. At times when we feel ‘stuck’ Bach Flower remedies can help us shift from a negative to a more positive state which in turn helps our physical body to find its own healthy balance. The wisdom of nature captured in these flowers gently guides us back to emotional ease and inner harmony, which in turn translates to improved health.

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